Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mixer Schedule update!

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Thanks to all for your continued support.

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The Master Schedule

Richard Soul - "Sunday Spirituals Live" 10am - 12pm est
JBlue's House of Blue 12pm - 6pm est
DJ Rico Flores - 6pm - 8pmest
DJ Joel S Muzyc 8pm - 10pm est


DJ John Crockett - Twirlspace pres "Live Music with John Crockett" 8:30am - 10:30am
F.U.N.K.A.D.E.L.I.C 6pm - 8pm

DJ Steve Nyce 8pm - 10pm

DJ Vince T 6pm - 8pm est
DJ Sweet - Sweet Sounds Productions 8pm - 10pm est

Wednesday DJ Shino Black 6pm - 8pm
DJ Gui - Brazil / DJ Marcio Paglione 8pm - 10pm est

DJ ROCK354 - SHMC - NJ - "Musical Expressions" 6pm-8pm est
DJ Bash 6pm-8pm est
DJ Sonny B - NJ - "Music for Your Soul" - Unified Spirits 8pm - 10pm est

DJ Ruben R "11th Street House Sessions" 6:00-8:00pm 6pm - 8pm
DJ Glenn 8pm - 10:00pm est
Musicologist OneMasterMixer SHMC - "The Friday Night Experiment " 10:00pm - until....

DJ Uncle Troy "Wanderings through House" 10am - 12pm est
DJ Double O 12pm - 3pm est
Open Slot -  3pm - 5:00pm est
DJ Lady Dangerous & DJ Phantom 5:00 pm - 8:00pm est
Open Slot 8pm - 10pm est
DJ Arch "Saturday Night Urban Sessions" 10pm - 12am
DJ David Shell 12am - 2am est
So come and join us in the name of House. Also don't forget to visit us @ http:// for Mixes from DJ's around the world. All downloadable.

Have a Remarkable Day!!!

New Changes

Peace Family. New Updates....

Please join us in welcoming our newest edition to the ladies of SHMC Vivian "Viv"

She will be assisting us with scheduling the DJs for their slots and the expansion of the DJ schedule (more DJs more fun).

Mixer changes

Newest Djs added to the site
DJ Steve Nyce Monday 5pm - 7pm
DJ Soulkhitect Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm
DJ Marcio Thursdays from 10pm - 12pm
newest edition is DJ Shino Black who will be playing on Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm

Unfortunately with changes we have lost a few DJs as well.
DJ Ant B will no longer be with us as his schedule doesnt allow it. He will definitely be missed. His schedule will be replaced by DJ Arch at an earlier time slot 10pm - 12 midnight.

DFO "Da Funk One has decided to move on due to other commitments as well.

Master DJ Tony Soul unfortunately cannot do his show anymore as well. DJ D'Anthony will be replacing Tony Soul on Sundays from 8pm - 10pm.

Our Lady Sahara will be filling in from time to time and not be on here Thursday slot regularly.

The New SHMC with video.
Many of you have been enjoying the new video add on as it has become a big party of the fun. If you havent logged in to to create an account, it is very easy and your camera will be active so the DJs can see you enjoying yourself. It makes the party even more special.

Thank you to all who have been with us during the brunt of these changes. There will always be changes to help with the growth of SHMC for your benefit.

If you have any issues with seeing the video screen please update flash @

for Windows

for Mac

If you have been watching the video archives of SHMC Mixer you will see that Sweet Tea has been doing a fantastic job of keeping them up to date and available for your viewing and listening pleasure. We would like to take the time to thank for for her assistance in making this happen. Many many more changes to come so stay tuned and as always thank you all for being a part of this SHMC Family. Blessings always.

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