Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mixer Schedule update!

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The Master Schedule

Richard Soul - "Sunday Spirituals Live" 10am - 12pm est
JBlue's House of Blue 12pm - 6pm est
DJ Rico Flores - 6pm - 8pmest
DJ Joel S Muzyc 8pm - 10pm est


DJ John Crockett - Twirlspace pres "Live Music with John Crockett" 8:30am - 10:30am
F.U.N.K.A.D.E.L.I.C 6pm - 8pm

DJ Steve Nyce 8pm - 10pm

DJ Vince T 6pm - 8pm est
DJ Sweet - Sweet Sounds Productions 8pm - 10pm est

Wednesday DJ Shino Black 6pm - 8pm
DJ Gui - Brazil / DJ Marcio Paglione 8pm - 10pm est

DJ ROCK354 - SHMC - NJ - "Musical Expressions" 6pm-8pm est
DJ Bash 6pm-8pm est
DJ Sonny B - NJ - "Music for Your Soul" - Unified Spirits 8pm - 10pm est

DJ Ruben R "11th Street House Sessions" 6:00-8:00pm 6pm - 8pm
DJ Glenn 8pm - 10:00pm est
Musicologist OneMasterMixer SHMC - "The Friday Night Experiment " 10:00pm - until....

DJ Uncle Troy "Wanderings through House" 10am - 12pm est
DJ Double O 12pm - 3pm est
Open Slot -  3pm - 5:00pm est
DJ Lady Dangerous & DJ Phantom 5:00 pm - 8:00pm est
Open Slot 8pm - 10pm est
DJ Arch "Saturday Night Urban Sessions" 10pm - 12am
DJ David Shell 12am - 2am est
So come and join us in the name of House. Also don't forget to visit us @ http:// for Mixes from DJ's around the world. All downloadable.

Have a Remarkable Day!!!